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Top 5 Promotional Deals in Online Gaming

It’s an exciting time to be a gamer where developers are working hard to make the best possible games and gamers are jumping on board with innovative ways to promote them.

The best part about this boom is that it expands beyond those big box stores. Now, gamers can get their hands on some pretty awesome games by just going to a website and providing a few things that you’d probably be willing to provide if someone gave you a free game.

So let’s have a look at five of the best ways for gamers to score some free PC games:

#1 Steam Summer Sale   

Every year, around June or July, Steam does something epic. They create an event called the “Steam Summer Sale” where they offer discounts up to 90% off on games from nearly every genre imaginable. There are so many great deals during these sales that it is almost impossible not to find at least a few games that peak your interest. Unfortunately, I have not been able to partake in the Steam Summer Sale this year – but don’t worry! There are plenty of other ways to get some free PC games through sites like these:

#2 Humble Bundle   

Humble Bundle is one of the biggest names online when it comes to promotional deals for computer games. The service gives gamers access to an enormous library of great titles at whatever price they want; including popular titles like Torchlight II and FTL (Faster Than Light). For each game purchased, money goes to charity while Humble Bundle continues to grow into what could be one of the best sources for quality DRM-free games on PC. You can even set up your own Humble Bundle page and send games to friends for any price you want. –

#3 Indie Gala   

While the Steam Summer Sale is an annual event, Indie Gala is not. This service presents gamers with different bundles of PC games every week where players can pay whatever they want. For each game that’s purchased, money goes into a pot that determines how much extra credit you receive towards future purchases – talk about incentive! The Indie Gala website features all kinds of promotional deals that change on a weekly basis which makes it well worth checking out if something isn’t quite your speed one week.

#4 Desura 45K Holiday Giveaway   

Desura puts out a lot of great promotions throughout the year but their biggest event is undoubtedly the Holiday Giveaway. It starts out slowly but over time, they begin to introduce more and more great games into the mix. More importantly, you never know when a new promotion will pop up for one of your favorite titles – keeping you on your toes at all times. For example, if I search for Civilization V right now – nothing shows up. But what if it did? Well, I’d love it!

#5 Nutz Welcome Bonuses   

It’s been an awesome year for gamers with some great titles from big-name companies, as well as indie developers, hitting the market – older games too! Now that Christmas is rapidly approaching, players can celebrate by taking advantage of this special promotion run by Nutz ( where new players are offered incredible bonuses. For gamers who are looking for classic AAA titles, Nutz is certainly worth checking out.

Eager to get one of these fantastic deals? Who wouldn’t be?! But remember: if you can’t find what you’re looking for right now – don’t worry! There’s plenty more to come and most likely it will all be greatly discounted during the next couple of months. So keep your eyes on this site and we’ll do our best to bring you the most up-to-date information on promotional deals for computer games online.