Top 5 Jiggle Movements (PUBG MOBILE) Tips and Tricks Guide/Tutorial with Handcam

Top 5 Jiggle Movement in PUBG MOBILE + (Tips and Tricks) Guide/Tutorial with Handcam
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Topic in this video
00:00 Intro
00:36 There are 3 Basic Jiggle Movements
01:11 Circle Jiggle Movement (idk what to call LOL)
01:43 Fast Jiggle / Short Jiggle (Most Popular)
03:05 Should you use the crouch while jiggling (moving left and right)?
03:25 Normal Jiggle (a bit slower and cover more distance than fast jiggle)
04:26 Wide Jiggle / Long Jiggle
04:56 Wide Jiggle + Fast Jiggle (Combination)…

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