Top 10 FREE Hidden Gems on Roku – Give These Channels a Try

In this video, Craig goes through his top 10 (or 12) picks for the “hidden gems” category on Roku. These are the channels that aren’t as prominent as the Neflixes and Hulus of the world. Some of them are niche, others very broad, so hopefully there are a few gold nuggets in here to supplement your Roku channel list!

The channels in this video:
1:10 – Filmrise
1:54 – Haystack TV
2:26 – Baby Boomer TV
3:10 – Eater
4:00 – Bon Appetit
4:49 – The LEGO Channel
5:31 – STIRR
6:10 – Court TV
6:37 – Nosey
7:05 – Dust
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