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Unbelievable PS5 Price Leaked by Developers | Xbox Series X & Series S compete with Sony & Microsoft

offering a massive leap in visuals and performance only seen on high end PCs. All of this power comes at a price and right now one company is struggling with … Read More

Xbox Series X and PS5 Next Gen Games & Full Console REVEALS Coming SOON | Xbox May Digital Event

Microsoft and Sony are rumored to be holding Xbox Series X and PS5 events in May that will showcase next gen games like Fable and Horizon Zero Dawn. Subscribe: My … Read More

Xbox Series X Games Coming! Big Xbox Event Update, New Xbox Studios, Gears Tactics, PS5 Update :RDX

Xbox Series X Games Coming! Big Xbox Event Update, New Xbox Studios, Gears Tactics, PS5 Update & Much More! Support the channel on Patreon!: Become a channel member and receive … Read More

New Games for April, May and June | Upcoming Games 2020

The 2nd Quarter of 2020 is upon us and what games are we waiting for? Today I talk about some of the big hitters coming in April, May and June … Read More

Xbox Update 2020 Everything YOU Need To Know

We take a look at the biggest Xbox news and updates coming in 2020 including the launch of the brand new Xbox console the Xbox Series X coming Holiday 2020 … Read More

Xbox Series X Will Support Thousands Of Xbox One, Xbox 360, And OG Xbox Games!

In this video, I’ll be discussing the xbox series x backwards compatibility feature. —————— OVERVIEW —————— Xbox Series X is an upcoming home video game console developed by Microsoft. It … Read More

Every Confirmed Game Coming to the Xbox Series X

Are you ready for the titles that will make or break this next-gen console? For this list, we’re looking at the video games that have been confirmed for the Xbox … Read More

Gorgeous New AAA Games Revealed for Xbox Series X | Insider Reveals Next Generation Games for Xbox

The Xbox One is closing the generation with smaller titles to round out a library of Exclusive games that have been hit or miss. Microsoft plans to keep the platform … Read More

Top 10 Most Anticipated Games for Xbox of 2020

With so many Xbox titles coming out this year, it can be difficult to keep up! So here’s our top 10 most anticipated titles coming to Xbox in 2020! #Xbox … Read More

INCREDIBLE Xbox Series X Reveal Event | NEW Xbox Games And Next Gen Console Showcase DETAILED

Xbox Series X console hardware tech showcase as well as the announcement of Xbox Lockhart along with Next Gen Xbox games being revealed at huge Microsoft event. New AAA games … Read More

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