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Xbox Evolution 2001-2020 | History of Xbox to Xbox series X | New Inventions

Xbox Evolution 2001-2020. History of Xbox to Xbox series X Xbox 0:06 Xbox “Duke” Controller 0:20 Xbox Controller S 0:28 Xbox 360 0:37 Xbox 360 Controller 0:53 Xbox 360 Elite … Read More

How POWERFUL is the Xbox Series X?

As we inch closer to the release of the Xbox Series X in Holiday 2020, we’re going to be taking a look at every aspect of the next generation Xbox … Read More

New Xbox One Dashboard Update – Xbox Guide Improvements and 'Happening Now' | Xbox Update 2020

Microsoft has just released a new Xbox One Dashboard Update to the Xbox Preview/Insider Program that makes some changes to the Xbox One Guide and adds a Happening Now section … Read More

GTA V + MORE Games Added In 2020 | Xbox Game Pass Update 2020

GTA V has just been announced to be joining the Xbox Game Pass for Console library, so we’ve pulled together a list of the best titles coming to the service … Read More

Xbox Update 2020 Everything YOU Need To Know

We take a look at the biggest Xbox news and updates coming in 2020 including the launch of the brand new Xbox console the Xbox Series X coming Holiday 2020 … Read More

Biggest Xbox Series X and Xbox One Exclusives Coming In 2020 So Far

Microsoft is looking to get back on top with the Xbox Series X releasing Holiday 2020. These are exclusive games coming to Microsoft consoles that you should keep an eye … Read More

NEW Xbox Game Pass Update | Mid April 2020

We’re half way through April and the games just keep on coming thick and fast to Xbox Game Pass! We’ve got all sorts of titles for both PC and Console, … Read More

Top 10 Most Anticipated Games for Xbox of 2020

With so many Xbox titles coming out this year, it can be difficult to keep up! So here’s our top 10 most anticipated titles coming to Xbox in 2020! #Xbox … Read More

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