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Big Feature Confirmed For PS5 | AAA Dev Says PS5 Is Much More Than Just "Better Graphics"

We have some big Ps5 news and info to go over and discuss as a big feature was for PlayStation 5 was just confirmed by a developer recently and it … Read More

NEW Xbox Series X PRICE Point From Phil Spencer | Will Xbox MATCH Ps5 Console Price? | Xbox News

With the Xbox Series X price announcement right around the corner. It’s always great to hear from Phil Spencer the head of Xbox. Especially when he talks about the next … Read More

Kotaku’s BEST Just QUIT! Sony’s BIG PS5 Struggle LEAKED, Yet MORE Cooking Mama MADNESS + MUCH MORE!

It’s like the title says: Kotaku are now their most important man down, and everything else is going a bit wild. Supported by our Patrons: Twitter: Join our Discord! Our … Read More

Unbelievable PS5 Price Leaked by Developers | Xbox Series X & Series S compete with Sony & Microsoft

offering a massive leap in visuals and performance only seen on high end PCs. All of this power comes at a price and right now one company is struggling with … Read More


In this video I discuss & breakdown some exciting new insights from fellow gaming industry veteran Victor Lucas (Founder of Electronic Playground Network) claiming that the inevitable sequel for Marvel’s … Read More

PS5 Delayed ? PS4 Games Released 2020 5 Triple A Games

PS5 Delayed ? PS4 Games Released 2020 5 Triple A Games NEW CHANNEL: Become a Member: CHEAP PS4 GAMES: Affiliate Link MonkeyFlop Gear!!! Follow me on Instagram @MonkeyFlop1 Follow @MonkeyFlop … Read More

Xbox Series X and PS5 Next Gen Games & Full Console REVEALS Coming SOON | Xbox May Digital Event

Microsoft and Sony are rumored to be holding Xbox Series X and PS5 events in May that will showcase next gen games like Fable and Horizon Zero Dawn. Subscribe: My … Read More

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