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PUBG – Patch Report – Update 6.2

Intense 8v8 FPP fights on 7 different battlefields?! The long-requested TEAM DEATHMATCH mode has now arrived! plus, SKILL BASED RATING 2.0 finally has begun?! Learn more : Stay up to … Read More

PUBG NEW UPDATE 7.1 | VIKENDI Is Back, BOTS Added, New Sniper, M249 Nerfed Again (Xbox One/PS4)

Finally Vikendi is back…but it comes bundled together with the surprising addition of Bots, a new sniper, and other things that really don’t get me excited to play the game… … Read More

Lurn Tries NEW PUBG MAP (Karakin) | Stream Highlights

All content comes from my stream! ———————————————————————————————————– Follow me: ► Twitch: ► Twitter: ► ► Merch: ———————————————————————————————————– Channel Manager/Editor -…

Fantasy Battle Royale : How To Play | PUBG

Come, brave adventurer, and hear my tale of a time long ago. A time of Wizards, Barbarians, Rangers and Paladins battling it out on the Dragon’s Isle! Learn all about … Read More

WHICH WEAPON KILLS FASTER? New PUBG weapon balancing – Time-to-kill comparison

Assault rifles got nerfed and sub machine guns got buffed – but how much does that impact the balance? Music: Sappheiros – Lights

What happened to 4AM and Gen.G? l PUBG Esports News #4

Check out the 4th episode of PUBG Esports News! You’ve waited long! Now it’s time for 4AM from China and Gen.G from Korea 🤩 Don’t miss the special interview with … Read More

PUBG NEW Update 6.1 | KARAKIN, Motor Glider, Sticky Bombs, Black Zones, and LOOT (Xbox/PS4)

The Live Servers for both Xbox One and PS4 will be updated with patch 6.1, and will be going down for maintenance later on tonight! This will include the brand … Read More