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Tfue was CONVINCED Epic Accidentally put him in a Mobile Tournament! (Fortnite)

Tfue was actually convinced Epic queued him into a Mobile tournament. Out of all the tournaments he has played, he’s has never went up against this BAD of players throughout … Read More

TurboGrafx-16 Mini: All the Games Reviewed! – Electric Playground

#TurboGrafx16 #TurboGrafx16mini #review The new TurboGrafx-16 Mini has more than fifty different games, so Victor Lucas is reviewing all of them! Official EPN Merch is available at If you’d … Read More

INNOCENTS tries "NERFED" AIM ASSIST! (Fortnite 12.50 Patch Update) Pro Controller Player

INNOCENTS tries “NERFED” AIM ASSIST! (Fortnite 12.50 Patch Update) Controller Pro Player ►Fortnite Update 12.50 Today Gameplay Videos! *NEW* FORTNITE UPDATE! (Fortnite v12.50 Update) *NEW* FORTNITE UPDATE NOW! DOOMSDAY EVENT … Read More

Bloodroots Review (Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC)

Bloodroots is a new action game from Paper Cult that follows a similar formula to Hotline Miami. It’s a challenging beat-em-up complete with an art style that rivals that of … Read More

Metal Unit – PC Review – 1080P

A review of the upcoming PC game Metal Unit. The footage shown here is of early access gameplay (Beta Key) so please do remember that some things shown in this … Read More

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – Review by SkillUp [Updated – Check Top Comment]

UPDATE: I reviewed Wolcen during the pre-release review build window. When the game launched, a number of game breaking bugs were revealed that will greatly impact your experience. I’ve changed … Read More