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BEST Console 90's Tutorial! (Fully Explained) Fortnite Battle Royale

Twitter: Settings in this video: Elite Controller (Extended right thumbstick) Normal Grip (Not Claw) No Kontrolfreak .703 x .703 y .30 ads .30 scope 2.00 Building Builder Pro Turbo build … Read More

Reacting to the BEST MOBILE PLAYERS in the WORLD!

Reacting to the BEST MOBILE PLAYERS in the WORLD!! use code “Dylan” in the fortnite item shop to help me out! Let’s try and break 7,500 LIKES!? SUBSCRIBE IF YOU’RE … Read More

Building Tips You Might Have Missed | Ultimate Fortnite Guide

Whether you are a complete noob or a somewhat experienced builder in Fortnite, welcome to the all inclusive beginner’s guide to Fortnite building. Today I’m going over some basic techniques … Read More