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Fortnite New Update v12.40 LIVE! New Deadpool Week 9 Rewards! Fortnite Doomsday Live Event, 12.40 Map Changes, Leaked Skins & More! Fortnite Battle Royale Subscribe For More ▶ Become a … Read More

Streamers GET *FREE* "DEADPOOL X-FORCE" SKIN and *NEW* "Shark Prison" Fortnite UPDATE

Best Warzone Moments: Send your clips: [email protected] – In this video we have a skin showcase of the new X-Force style for the Deadpool skin and also streamers reacting to … Read More

Fortnite Deadpool WEEK 9

Fortnite Update added Fortnite Deadpool Week 9 Challenges! New Fortnite Deadpool Skin Rewards have you Find Deadpool’s Shorts and Salute Deadpool’s Pants! Fortnite Deadpool Skin Update added new Deadpool X-Force … Read More

DEADPOOL vs. CABLE! (A Fortnite Short Film)

🡆 Make sure to SUBSCRIBE! – 🡆 Use code NEWSCAPEPRO in the Fortnite Item Shop! Cable arrives from the future, and he’s after only one person… Meanwhile Deadpool has been … Read More