T1 vs GEN – Game 3 | Grand Finals Playoffs S10 LCK Spring 2020 | T1 vs Gen.G G3

lck final GEN vs T1 G3 Finals PlayOffs lck Spring 2020 – Gen.G vs T1 Game 3 Finals Playoffs LoL eSports LCK Korea Spring 2020.
LoL eSports Season 10 LCK Spring 2020 – T1 vs Gen.G Game 3.
Third match of the day – Gen.G vs T1 best of 5 game 3. T1 vs GEN G3.

T1 Line-up:
Canna – Top Ornn
Cuzz – Jungle Sylas
Faker – Mid Azir
Teddy – AD Aphelios
Effort – Support Thresh

Gen.G Line-up:
Rascal – top Jayce
Clid – jungle Sejuani
BDD – miD Zilean
Ruler – ADC Kalista
life – Support Volibear

Patch: 10.6 – Season 10
Game date: 25.04.2020 | 04/25/2020 | April 25th 2020
Game place: Online

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