PUBG Mobile UPDATE 0.18 Everything NEW! P90, Scoped Win94, Miramar 2.0, New Modes & MORE!

PUBG Mobile 0.18 UPDATE!
What’s NEW? P90, Scoped Win94, Miramar 2.0 and MORE!
BETA 0.18.0 Everything New!🔥

New video with everything new on PUBG Mobilw 0.18 Update! Currently on beta test✌️

There is also a new character voice but i didn’t added to the vid since it’s not core content.


New Heavy SANDSTORM on Miramar 2.0 Gameplay!

New Light SANDSTORM on Miramar 2.0 Gameplay!

P90 on PUBG Mobile Gameplay!

New Gun Game on PUBG Mobile!

New Gun Game on PUBG Mobile…

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