PUBG Mobile PAID HACK BAN | Conqueror ESP Aimbot Hacker Banned

In this video PAID Hacks Pubg mobile hacker got banned. Paid hack like Sharpshooter ESP Aimbot hack ban in pubg by tencent support.

This Noob was using ESP , Aimbot ( Maybe Magic Bullet ) and Less Recoil cheat. This noob was a conqueror in Season 14 Squad Asia TPP with a KD of 7. His kne team mate was also cheating but i did not have enough proof to ban him. But the main hacker got banned ( I don’t know about BAN duration ). Now he is at Bronze 5!.

Hacker’s ID : 5121738749
Email Proof is at the end of the video. Just Pause and see. Even Paid hacks like Sharpshooter , Inception , GG…

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