PUBG Guns In Real Life

In this video, I show you guys as many guns in PUBG with the real life guns through my own personal collection.
Here are the guns I used in order:
1. P92 (Beretta 92FS)
2. P1911 (Colt M1911)
3. R1895 (1895 Nagant Revolver)
4. S686 (Felix Sarasqueta Pioneer)
5. S1897 (M1897 Trench Gun)
6. AKM (Hungarian FEG 85m)
7. M416 (Bushmaster AR-15)
8. SKS (Russian SKS)
9. Kar98k (Mauser Kar98k)
10. M16A4 (AR-15 A1)
11. Mini14 (Ruger Mini-14)
12. Win94 (Winchester M1894)

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