PAX East 2020 – 30 Quick Game Reviews!

i went to pax east and quickly wanted to talk about some games oops 8 minutes long

Games in Order:
Cloak and Dasher
Moving Out
NeonCity Riders
Emily is Away
Black SKylands
Rez Plz
Neko Ghost Jump
Wonderful 101
The Dark Eye
Ambition A Minuet in Power
N1RV Ann-A
No Time to Relax
Gestalt Steam and Cinder
Friend Sighting
Star Renegade
Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon
Shovel Knight DIg
Relic Hunters
Ministry of Broadcast
Super Meat Boy Forever
Alien Hominid Invasion
Skul : The Hero Slayer
Dragon Marked for Death
Red Wing

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