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Online gaming platforms you haven`t heard of

Do you enjoy playing on online gaming platforms? Of course!

But there are tons of other platforms on the net that you might not have heard of yet. We’ve gathered some for you in this article – check them out!

A lot of these sites are based upon free-to-play models, where they make their money from advertising or even microtransactions. A lot also feature ‘premium’ content, items, or bonuses that may be bought with real-life currency if desired. The premium features usually come with a price tag, though it is sometimes possible to obtain something rather nice free of charge if enough time is invested into the game platform…

1) Google Feud          

This entertaining site is great fun. Every round, you are shown four search terms selected by the site’s creators; your task is to type in what you believe the most common related term is. The more popular your choice, the higher your score! There are also bonus rounds where you try and guess what Google Trends topic a certain search term relates to. Check it out here!

2) Bubblebox             

This platform provides a huge variety of games for players to enjoy. These include physics-based titles such as throwing pies at people’s faces or breaking boxes with baseballs, to name just two examples. All of these games have been developed as Flash applications – no downloads required!

3) Armor Games                  

If you’re looking for a vast quantity of games from developers all over the world, this is the site to visit. Its neatly organized structure will help you find games for pretty much any genre or theme, so it’s worth checking out if none of the others takes your fancy. Visit website.

4) Miniclip                  

This gaming platform has something for everyone – shooters, sports games, arcade titles, and brain teasers are just some of the genres that have been covered. Recent additions include ‘Baseball Riot’ and ‘Super Soccer Noggins’, among many others!

5) Netti                    

The hugely popular online card game platform can now be played on too! What’s more, they offer a wide variety of other titles including slot puzzles, adventure series, action games, and even sports simulators. Go to the website.

6) Armor Games Network                  

This is one of the largest networks of Flash gaming sites on the internet. You can play everything from word games like Boggle to action titles like ‘Escape From 26’. The network has recently celebrated its tenth birthday – congratulations all around!

7) Mousebreaker               

This platform features sports games, shooters, and puzzle titles where you have to navigate your way past moving obstacles. These are suitable for players of all skill levels, so it’s worth taking a look if you consider yourself any good at video games! 

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