M416 vs G36C WHICH ONE IS BETTER?!? (PUBG MOBILE) Ultimate Weapon Comparison Guide/Tutorial

M416 vs G36C (Ultimate Weapon Comparison) PUBG MOBILE #PUBGMOBILE #PUBGM
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Topic in this video
00:00 Intro M416 vs G36C (Karakin Exclusive Weapon) rip Vikendi xD
00:12 M416 and G36C are very similar and have a lot of things in common
00:32 what is the big difference between m416 and g36c
00:47 Recoil Comparison
01:03 Results : G36C is easier to control
01:41 G36C has better spray control than M416
02:02 Which one is Better? G36C or M416?
02:23 G36C has…

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