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Fortnite CHAPTER 3 LIVE ARENA 26k Points

controller player, Linear Settings that made me the BEST No Claw/No Scuf Controller Player on Fortnite (Sens + Binds), Linear Aimbot Settings, BEST No Claw + No Scuf Controller Settings/Sensitivity/Binds/Deadzone (Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5), Xbox, PS4, Xbox + PS4, No Claw, Non-Claw, No Scuf, No Paddles, No Kontrol Freeks, X to jump, L1 confirm edit bind, L3 edit bind, Best L3 edit
settings, Best L3 edit binds, Linear, Best linear controller settings/ sensitivity, Exponential, Linear vs exponential vs legacy, Aim Assist, Boosts, Best boost settings, Best non claw
boost settings,…